Boutique Event Decor

for the modern day celebrant

This isn't the kind of stuff you'll find on Facebook Marketplace, honey.

Listen, we realize you just don't know what you don't know. For every chalkboard bar sign you've seen at another wedding, we PROMISE you there's a better solution.  We're here to make sure you're informed with every option available to you, in terms of design and execution. Custom signage, modern table numbers, show-stopping seating charts, various statement pieces - we create one-of-a-kind pieces that we promise your friend/cousin/sister did not have at their special day. 

Custom designs

How many times have you been to a wedding and seen decor that you saw at another wedding two months ago? (We're raising our hand, too!) We believe your event should be unique. special. different. E L E V A T E D. 

We believe in statement pieces. In creating boutique decor that suits your personalities. From custom ceremony designs to stand-out seating charts to those little 'Scarlet Rose' moments we like to create for your guests to experience...we promise you this will be like something you've never seen before.


generic signage

We have multiple styles of table numbers, perfect for any wedding theme you could imagine. Going for a modern look? Check out our acrylic numbers - we even have a more traditional set there, too!

Feeling more hill country chic? Our wood options come in both a traditional and contemporary style!


So many times, couples will buy items for their wedding day that - guess what - they never use again.  We're guessing that those dollars would better serve you for that gorgeous honeymoon you've been planning for, or maybe a down payment for your first home. 

Before you go and buy all the things, reach out to us to see the numerous rentals (card boxes, arches, copper stands, hedge wall, candles and more!) that we can bring to your event, for much less than you'd purchase it for.


Photography courtesy of Anna Kay Photography