The Meaning Behind Scarlet Rose Events | San Antonio + Austin + Boerne Wedding Planner

You ever wonder, how did someone come up with their business name? It’s hard work! Talk about something so.freaking.permanent. You want it to resonate with your ideal client, be somewhat obvious or clear as to what services you provide, and also be meaningful to you.

When I decided back at the end of March 2020 to start my own business (because you know, COVID-19 postponed nearly 15 Spring weddings and I found myself with time on my hands), coming up with a business name was t.o.u.g.h. I knew I wanted to incorporate ‘rose’ somehow – it’s my middle name as well as my daughter’s. Plus it just has a wedding vibe to it. A bottle of wine (or two) and lots of ideas later, my husband and I had a list of potential names going. Scarlett Rose was mentioned, but to me I couldn’t get over the fact that it sounded like a person, and I didn’t want my business named after a person’s name. Well duh, it sounded like a person because that’s the name of my tiny human.

Insert more wine, more names thrown around, and all of a sudden the idea of Scarlet (like red, you know?) Rose didn’t sound so bad! It’s meaningful to us, hopefully speaks to the wedding market and people realize we basically are saying “Red Rose Events,” but in a fun way, and just rolled off our tongues nicely. Once we decided on the name, it felt like it was meant to be from the beginning! Annnnnd now I’m stuck with having to come up with another business namesake if we have more kids🙈 whoops!

Now if you'd like, enjoy some pictures of our Scarlett (two t’s!) Rose over the last couple of years….

And there you have it! A weekly dose of cuteness plus a little more about the reason behind Scarlet Rose Events❤️