Rhea'Lynn's Wedding Planning Journey | Saying Yes to the Dress | San Antonio, TX

So we booked the venue - what’s next? I knew once we picked our venue I would be able to envision the entire aesthetic of the wedding. When it came to my wedding dress, I wanted it to be in style with the venue, but still finding something that I felt was “me”. So it came time to do something I’ve been waiting for my whole life - WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING!

Like the rest of my wedding planning process, I had been saving pictures of dresses I loved for years, and following designers that I thought matched my style. I had dresses of all shapes and styles saved. If you would have asked me what my dream dress looked like 5 years ago I would have been adamant that it be blush and a ball of tulle, but time went on and my style evolved. Now I’m into a more modern and flirty / romantic kind of vibe. There was one dress by Alexandra Grecco that I had saved for quite some time that I just knew would be THE ONE - it checked off all of the boxes! So, now that it was finally time to try on dresses, I looked up the closest shop that carries her dresses and there just so happened to be one in Austin, TX at Unbridaled. I didn’t want to wait any longer so I made an appointment as soon as I could.

That day finally came and I was going to try on my first wedding dress - a moment I had been waiting for! As soon as we stepped into the shop I instantly knew how hard of a decision this was going to be. All of the dresses were so beautiful. I kept my mind on that one dress and immediately put it in my dressing room to try on along with many other dresses. I tried some that weren’t necessarily my style, but wanted to give them a fair chance. I saved a few Alexandra Grecco dresses for last. The first AG dress was beautiful, but wasn’t one that I thought I would love (I had a picture of this dress saved for so long just never thought it would be one I tried on). To my surprise, I LOVED the dress so much I didn’t want to take it off to try on “the one”, but I knew that was what I went there for. I put the one on and those feelings I was expecting and hoping for never came. The dress was stunning and I loved it, but knowing our venue and the rest of our wedding plans it didn’t fit in. I tried on a couple more and still didn’t get that feeling. I went back to that first AG dress just to see if it was a fluke - and it wasn’t! It made me feel everything I imagined I would. But in true Rhea’Lynn fashion, I never take the first thing I see, plus, I will probably never get to try on wedding dresses again so I wanted to try on as many as I could! We left Unbridaled empty handed, but knew in my heart I found my dress.

Just like I had dresses in my “try-on one day” file, I had dress shops in my “must shop here” file! Only problem was they were in Dallas, but that wasn’t going to stop me! The first stop was The Wedding Suite at Nordstrom. Growing up, I felt like this was THE place to find your wedding dress. I was so excited to fulfill my little girl dreams and shop here! The dresses there were more on the traditional side, so I spent my appointment trying on a lot of flowy, ball gown, more detailed dresses. After trying on several, it was clear that I wasn’t going to find my dress there. The experience was still everything I ever imagined it be and I could finally cross that off of my list of places I’ve been waiting to go to!

The next shop was one I was SO excited for! I’ve followed A&Bé for years and years and couldn’t wait for the day that I could finally go there. Other than the designers and styles they carry being totally up my alley, the space itself is so dreamy - I love a cute, aesthetic shop! This experience was already off to a different start than the others. I was used to picking out my own dresses and trying on whatever I wanted, but here the stylist and I walked around to see all of the different designers first. I chose a few dresses that I wanted to try on, and we were off to the fitting room! As I tried on each dress, my stylist would ask what I do and don’t like about the dress, and from there she would go out and find a dress fitting what I mentioned. By doing that, I felt like she was really able to nail down the style I was going for and brought back dresses I wouldn’t have picked out on my own. I came across one dress that had the most competition with the AG dress. It was very similar in material and style, sleek and classic, but it was strapless. Ever since I’ve been able to think about a wedding dress, I always knew I didn’t want to wear a strapless dress. I love dresses with sleeves, whether it’s a cap sleeve or lacy long sleeve - I knew I wanted SOME kind of sleeve. As much as I loved that dress, I just wasn’t sure. The appointment ended and although I didn’t say yes again, I knew I at least had a runner up!

After having enough time to reflect on all of the dresses I tried on, I was ready to go out again and try on more dresses - including “the one”. So, we want back to Unbridaled, this time with a few more family members in attendance just in case I said yes to a dress. I didn’t want to head straight towards the AG dress, so I looked around all over again and found dresses I didn’t see the first time and had family members pick out a dress they wanted me to try on. At this point, I was kind of just going through the motions trying on dresses I knew probably wouldn’t be the one. I did get to a point where I was questioning myself again, because I loved another dress and so did everyone else. I think we all cried with this dress. It was again very similar to the AG dress and runner up from A&Bé, but again it was strapless (to be clear - I love strapless dresses just not on myself). I knew deep down I wouldn’t have been happy wearing strapless, so I made another hard decision turning it down. It finally came time to try on the one, and I was so nervous. What if I didn’t love it as much this time, what if it doesn’t give me the same feelings? I stepped back into the dress, and before it was even zipped up all the way, the feeling came back! I held myself together for the grand reveal to my guests and we opened the curtain. Everyone LOVED it - we all cried again! Because my mom wasn’t able to attend, I FaceTimed her and cried even more - a moment I’ll never forget. After all of the emotions were at bay, I decided that was it - I SAID YES TO THE DRESS! It was everything I never knew I wanted. I went into this with a totally different vision, but I kept an open mind and tried on dresses I wouldn’t normally gravitate towards, and because of that I was able to find the dress of my dreams that I cannot wait to finally wear in just a little over a month!

Because pictures weren't enough for me and I wanted to remember this special time forever, I created a video to look back on - watch it here!


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