Rhea'Lynn's Wedding Planning Journey | A Three-Part Series | San Antonio, TX

Hey y’all - Rhea’Lynn here! As some of you know (or you may not know) I’m a Corona bride myself. I’m a lot like you! I’m seeing how this virus is affecting the wedding industry from both sides - as both a bride and as someone in the planning industry. We’re working with couples postponing their wedding during the day, and I go home to go through the process of postponing my own. I feel for you, for me, for all of us. I know at the end of the day all that matters is I get to marry my best friend and I am so grateful for that to keep me moving forward! That’s not to say I’m happy every day or I’m sad every day, it really just comes in waves and that’s okay! It’s okay to grieve your wedding, birthday, graduation, all of it. With that being said, I’ve been in the mood to reminisce on all the fun I had during our planning process, because honestly I’ve never had so much fun and I will truly be so sad when it’s all over, but also happy at the same time - I’m gonna be a freaking WIFE!

Ring Photo courtesy of Anna Kay Photography

The idea of the entire wedding planning process was one I couldn’t WAIT to experience! Like a lot of brides, I have been planning my wedding for as long as I can remember. Once we moved to San Antonio, I would find wedding vendors in the area on Instagram and start following them, so when the day came that I was finally engaged I could reference back and reach out to them - so silly I know, but I just love this stuff! When we got engaged I basically had a list of my dream vendors and venues (with Christian’s approval of course). We started the whole process by picking a time of year we wanted. We didn’t want to pick a date and have our hearts set on it only to find a venue we loved and be disappointed they didn’t have that date available. Take it from me, if you have a date in mind, reach out to your top venues and ask if that date is available before you go to tour it. We knew we wanted a spring wedding so we decided on May. Although we live in the San Antonio area, my vision and vibe also drew me to the Austin scene. We imagined having an intimate garden wedding so we planned to tour venues that were mainly outdoors.

Photos courtesy of Mercury Hall, Mattie's and The Allan House

Just a few days after being engaged, we picked a day to drive to Austin to attend a couple of open houses - I’m clearly impatient! Out of those venues, there was something about each of them that was a deal breaker for us. We ended the day feeling defeated after knocking out our top 3 venues. We went back to the drawing board and revisited a few venues we initially turned down.

The things that were most important to us when deciding on a venue were 1. Style (we love a more modern look) 2. Amount of space (didn’t need a lot for small guest count) 3. Location.

Keeping those 3 things in mind we circled back to One Eleven East, which had been on my list since we moved here, but crossed it off when we decided we wanted something outdoors. We decided to go ahead and schedule a tour. No exaggeration - it was everything I never knew I wanted! The moment we walked in we just knew it was the one. This was the venue we wanted to fill with our closest friends and family. This was the venue we could imagine ourselves saying “I do” to each other. This was it. Besides the feeling that it was the one, the look of it was 100x more beautiful in person than in pictures. The white brick walls, skylight room, courtyard - for someone who has dreamed about how they would style and design their future wedding that was important! We also knew this was the one when they had the date we wanted available - May 29th. Before you ask why we wanted a Friday, I’ll tell you. For one, sometimes venues have discounted rates for weekday weddings. Two, you’ll have better luck booking your dream vendors on a Friday rather than a Saturday. We left the tour feeling SO excited and sure it was the one!

Photos courtesy of One Eleven East

After booking the venue, we were able to focus on all of the other moving parts - all the fun things! Fun fact about me - I am a very visual person. I couldn’t move on with the rest of the planning process until we knew where we would be getting married. I wanted to see and be in the space to imagine the aesthetics of our wedding, like dress, florals, etc. Next stop - wedding dress shopping! I have a lot to say about that, because I tried on A LOT of dresses. Stay tuned! :)


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