Rhea'Lynn's Wedding Planning Journey | A Minimony Dream Come True | Austin, TX

We were 3 months out from our wedding date, vendors were booked, everything was falling into place - and then a global pandemic happened putting a halt to our plans. At the beginning of it all, we were hopeful to still be able to go through with our May wedding! We were naive and thought things would be “normal” by then. A few weeks into quarantine and having a lot of time alone with our thoughts about everything, we had a conversation with our coordinator to see how vendors were feeling at this point. They all seemed to be hopeful that we would still be able to have our wedding but it might look different than what we planned. In the same conversation, we were discussing potential postponement dates just in case it came down to that. There were limited dates available that would workout for all of our vendors, and we knew if we did decide to postpone we wouldn’t want it to be too far away.

After countless conversations and going back and forth we made the heartbreaking decision to postpone our wedding to July. As selfish as I wanted to be, our family and friends were at the forefront of our minds while making this decision. We wanted our wedding to be everything we planned it to be. We didn’t want to dwindle our guest list down to just 10 people. We didn’t want guests afraid of traveling to come to our wedding. That just wasn’t the day we had been imagining and planning for so long. Lots of tears were shed - mostly by me of course! I was sad and angry. It felt like all of the excitement towards our wedding just disappeared. No one was talking about it anymore. We weren’t planning. I was furious that so many others had the wedding of their dreams without any problems - at least none like the ones we were facing. It took me a few weeks to finally come to terms with everything.

Our original date was approaching quickly and I kept trying to think of ways to still make that day feel special. I didn’t want it to feel like just another day. We quickly decided we didn’t want to give up on our May date! That was the date we had in our heads for so long and we didn’t want that to change. SO - we decided to still get legally married on that day and have a minimony with our immediate family!

This brought on a new stress, but one I was so excited for! At this point, we were only a few weeks out from May 29th. First order of business was finding a county that was issuing marriage licenses - it was like pulling teeth! I called countless counties and finally was able to make an appointment for May 18th. Next order of business was finding a location. I am all about the details so sure our parents backyard would have been fine, but we wanted something more. Let down after let down, no one was accepting in person events, even if it was 10 people or less. The date was approaching quickly and we still didn’t have a location. We finally had the bright idea to call Sekrit Theater which is where we had our engagement photos done - and guess what, WE WERE ABLE TO BOOK IT! I felt so good about this decision, we knew the space and knew our vision for the day could come to life there. We still had our photographer booked for that day so I knew she would capture it beautifully. With the help of Katy, we were able to quickly book an officiant and florist for a bouquet and boutonniere. Things were looking up! We had our outfits planned, picked out some bubbly to pop, and bought mini bundt cakes for a treat.

It was finally the day that we were going to be married! The morning started off slow. I went to get my hair styled while Christian slept in - naturally. I shopped for a few last minute items I wanted to bring, and then it was time to head home and get ready! The car was loaded and we made the hour drive to Sekrit Theater. Like I said, we had our engagement photos there so I knew what to expect, but walking in it felt like a fairytale. Everything was green and blooming, the sun was perfectly shining in the greenhouse - it just felt like this was where it was always meant to be. We quickly set up the items we brought ourselves, and changed into our fancy “I do” outfits! The greenhouse was filled with glowing candlelight and our loved ones. Hand in hand, Christian and I walked down the aisle ready to begin our journey as a married couple. Our officiant performed a simple, but sweet ceremony, we cried ( I cried A LOT) and we shared our first kiss as husband and wife! Those 15 minutes were some of the best minutes of my life - we were finally married! We popped the Prosecco, fed each other cake and posed for photos. We ended the night with a BBQ dinner and enjoying time with family.

Now, we’re getting ready to do it all again in a month - this time with a lot of dancing, cake and more family and friends! Getting married in the middle of a pandemic has been interesting to say the least, but at the end of the day I'm officially married to my best friend and we have a badass story to tell when people ask about our wedding(s)!

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